Jan 10, 2011

Movie Review #6 - Blue Valentine (2010)

"You said for better or worse. (...) Now this is my worst"
Two nights ago, I managed to get my brother and some of our friends to come along to go see the critically-acclaimed indie "love story" Blue Valentine. I had been looking forward to seeing it ever since its trailer was released. With the controversy surrounding this movie's initial NC-17 rating in the US (and the headlines it made after winning the appeal for an R rating), I was even more excited to see this movie. The day it got its limited release in the US, I thought for sure that it would be playing in some Toronto theater. But in reality, I had to wait over a week until I could see it in the ONLY Toronto theater screening it. Of course, when we rushed to the 7:30PM showing and arrived more than 15 minutes early, the enormous theater was already packed. It just comes to show how many cinephiles reside in the Toronto area. We were worried about getting in, since the movie had an 18A rating and none of us were 18. To our great surprise, they let us in without any hesitation. And I am so glad they did!